A what ?

A Burgman.

I first started noticing these things years ago in Paris.

Someone would walk out from the shops with an armload of groceries, open the trunk & stuff everything inside.

Safely stored, the owner would then saunter over to a caffe' & eat & drink for awhile. No need to park the car 2 km away, the sidwalk  in front of the market is fine.

Hey. Pretty cool.

One day I was driving down the Italian coast near Viareggio.

The cheap beater rent a car I had reserved was sold out & they upgraded me to a new Alfa Romeo at the same price.

Looking good !

It's a wonderful winding high speed road & I was doing about 75 mph in this great machine & loving life.

In one of the tunnels I was passed by a Scooter doing the better part of 100mph.

I felt like I was sitting still at a bus stop.


"Scooters have come a long way" I was thinking.

"I'd better look into this."

After a tremendously succesfull first four years, the Burgman was upgraded to the second series.

A larger front wheel for more stability, twin disc brakes up front, revised bodywork, Double over head cam engine with improved fuel injection. ( Injection ? Yeah ! )

This is the one.

There is a ferverent clan of owners that populate the globe.

Here's a link to the US Burgman site:   http://www.burgmanusa.com/

A review of some options: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=622169&highlight=Burgman

There is also a 650, but most people prefer the 400.

Here is an interesting article: http://www.max.grenkowitz.net/show.asp?topic=786

My Burgman is a delight, & arguably with only 5000 miles more reliable than some of the older cars I sell........

Factory serviced at 4000 miles,

A good way to get to there from here.


Huge trunk: 62 litres

You could fill it with baguettes, or beer & pizza.

And a glovebox. Two more binnacles above

Factory 4000 mile service records.